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Extend the Life of Your Driveway

The experts at Superior Asphalt, near Parsippany, New Jersey, know that sealcoating is the best way to keep your driveway in top condition. In addition to sealcoating, we also offer driveway repair and paving services. The sealing process renews and restores your existing asphalt, acting as a glue to bind together and strengthen existing damaged asphalt. Allowing it to breathe and expand with all types of weather temperatures.


Did you know that sealing your existing asphalt protects from seasonal damage? Has your driveway seen better days? Sealcoating is a simple and extremely effective method for making your driveway look new again. The visual appeal of your entire property is enhanced when you take the steps to keep your driveway in the best condition possible. Our asphalt base sealcoating products give your asphalt surface a beautiful and refined finish, while simultaneously protecting it from winter damage and lengthening its lifespan. Our sealcoating experts know which product is to your driveway. Using their knowledge and experience, they ensure that your driveway looks impeccable and functions perfectly for years to come.

Driveway Repair & Maintenance

A driveway in poor condition not only looks unappealing, it can also damage your vehicle. Getting rid of those troublesome potholes and cracks gives your vehicle a smoother surface on which to drive. We have the skills to repair potholes, cracks, and winter damage. Our method of patching is effective, long-lasting, and considerably less expensive than completely repaving your driveway. Contact us today to discover just how affordable driveway maintenance can be.

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Seasonal Damage

Seal Coating

Did you know that sealing your existing asphalt protects from seasonal damage?

Asphalt driveways and parking lots are made up of fine sand stone and asphalt binder. The binder Acts has a type of glue holding all the agents together and provides the black color of asphalt. Overtime the binder begins to wear. From Rain sun exposure Snow. This is visible to the eye by cracking potholes sinking and the fading color of your driveway.

Seal coating helps bind your asphalt back together and acts has a surface barrier to help Protect against Snow rain and sun exposure can also help minimalize damage that salt, oil spills and landscaping products can cause by eating away at your driveway without a surface protected sealer. On your existing asphalt these products soak in to your asphalt and cause it to become brittle overtime which causes damage. Seal coating also helps you get the longest life span out of your existing driveway. While also making it appealing to the eye and can even help with your property value. Seal coating can be and affordable effective way to maintain repair and update the function, lifespan and look of your existing asphalt without breaking your pocket.

Before and After

Unprotected Vs. Protected

• Sun Exposure
Seal coating helps reduce the damage from ultra violet rays (The sun dries out your Asphalt and weakens the surface leading to cracking and sinking).

• Rain Snow and Ice
Seal coating acts as a protective layer. That prevents water from penetrating completely through Asphalt (Water soaks into cracks penetrating to the base of your driveway causing further damage to your existing asphalt).

Unsealed vs Sealed

• Spills
Seal coating helps resist and reduce the amount of damage a spill can cause (Spills can penetrate through Asphalt eating way your existing asphalt).

• Understanding your Asphalt
Asphalt driveways and parking lots are made up of fine sand, stone and Asphalt binder. The binder acts has a type of glue, holding all the agents together and providing the rich black color of your drive way. Over time the binder begins to wear from weather elements causing both surface and base damage to your driveway. This is called Oxidation. Oxidation means your driveway has lost its elasticity and become brittle. Your driveway strength color and function fade over time when this happens. Seal Coating Helps bind your asphalt back together replacing your asphalts natural oils. While helping your driveway endure the weather conditions ahead and repairing any damage you may already have.

*Attention all homeowners! Driveways on a decline or incline may be slippery when rain or snow falls. We are not responsible for any accidents that occur on your driveway at anytime.